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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 3, 1997

Episode 34       Airdate: 10/3/97      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: John McPherson
Guest Stars: Jennifer O'Neill, Joe Cortese, Lee Garlington, Patrick Fischler, Caroline Lagerfelt. Special Guest Stars: Louis Mandylor.

Joe:What happened is, somebody from your department came down and was supposed to pick up two babies and accidentally walked off with my baby too.
Pepe:Congratulations. I didn't realize you and Nash had adopted. I think that's very courageous.
Joe:It's not Nash's baby. It's mine and Inger's. You know Inger, my wife?
Pepe:You still have sex with women?
Joe:Occasionally, Pepe.
Pepe:You and Nash are such a unique couple.

Evan is undercover as a mariachi player carrying a guitar case containing $250,000 for the three Garero brothers. Nash, Joe and Harvey are in the SIU surveillance van, and they spot the appearance of Jimmy Ryshert posing as a waiter. Ryshert, a former mobster and government witness, pulls out a gun and shoots the three Gerraro brothers dead, but Ryshert mysteriously spares Evan's life. Ryshert gets away.

Joe's wife Inger is going to visit her sister for the weekend, leaving Joe free. But Inger's aunt falls ill, forcing Inger to leave their baby Lucia with Joe. Joe must carry little Lucia around during work.

Ryshert has testified and put away all the upper level mob bosses, leaving Ray Getz currently as top boss. Nash and Joe visit Getz to warn him. As Joe is changing Lucia's diaper in the restaurant washroom, two assassins enter and try to kill Getz. Nash and Getz return fire, killing the two assassins working for Gerraro. Getz swears he did not hire Ryshert to kill the Gerraro brothers.

Meanwhile, Nash's dad Nick has a new girlfriend Jenny. Nick wants to sell his race horse Mr. Woody so that he and Jenny can travel for three months in Europe. Nash and Joe are wary of Jenny, so Joe has her fingerprints checked. Jenny has changed her name and been married three times, all to older men who have since died.

Nash and the SIU question Ryshert's wife Jill and follow her to Ryshert, but Ryshert gets away again. Jill reveals that Ryshert has terminal cancer, and Nash guesses that Ryshert is on a mission of redemption by killing all the mobsters he has worked with. This is confirmed by Ryshert himself after a visit to Nash with baby Lucia in Nash's arms. After two more mobsters are killed, an innocent bystander is accidentally killed in a crossfire by Ryshert. Finally a tearful Jill agrees to cooperate. Jill tells Nash that Ray Getz is next.

A vice sweep of transient hotels has left several babies in the squad room. Baby Lucia is accidentally sent to social services, leaving behind an Asian baby in the place of Lucia. A frantic Joe must recover his baby. Nash has a meeting with Jenny and warns her that Nick is not wealthy. Jenny leaves much to the regret of Nick.

Nash and Joe intercede on Ryshert as he is about to kill Getz. Nash shoots Getz in the leg to distract Ryshert, while Joe wounds Ryshert. Both men (Ryshert and Getz) are wounded but OK. Nash and Joe rush to return baby Lucia home as Inger arrives to a happy baby. Joe decides not to tell Inger about the baby's misadventure in spite of the fact the Lucia is wrapped in a blanket imprinted with the label "Social Services."

* For more, see commentary for Episode 34


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