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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 17, 2000

Episode 110       Airdate: 12/15/00      Writer: Thomas Edward Bray     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Mark Lindsay Chapman, Leslie Jordan, Cyia Batten, with Caroline Lagerfelt as Inger Dominguez, and Stephen Lee.

Rachel:This looks more like a wedding than a funeral. Are you sure we're in the right place?
Nash:Are you kidding me? Every shady character and slime ball in San Francisco is here.

Tony B has died, supposedly on a cruise at sea. Nash and Rachel attend his funeral along with various shady characters including gangster Vernon Shaw and his girl friend Sherry. The funeral director, Marley, asks Nash to say a few words on behalf of Tony, but Nash spots Tony in disguise in the audience. Nash and Rachel give chase, but Tony escapes in a white hearst.

The substitute body in Tony's coffin is Patricia Reed Leonard, Vernon Shaw's former partner in the Continental Gold Coin Company. Patricia's cause of death is a sudden heart attack. The funeral director, Marley, claims to know nothing, but Nash intercepts a cell call from Tony to Marley.

Earl Garwood is supposed to be buried in the grave plot ordered by Tony, but Antwon and Cassidy discover Garwood has been cremated. Nash catches Tony digging up Garwood's grave plot, looking for something hidden in the empty coffin.

Interrogation of Tony reveals his plan. Vernon Shaw used Patricia to launder IRA gun-running money converted into gold Krugerands. Tony was called in to help. But Patricia died suddenly, so Tony faked his death to throw Shaw off Tony's trail. Shaw would think Patricia stole his gold, leaving Tony free to get away with the gold. But it appears that Marley has stolen the gold from Tony, taken from where Tony hid the gold in the Garwood plot.

Meanwhile, Joe discovers his mother-in-law is a pot smoker. Ulla begs Joe not to tell Inger, but Inger discovers Joe holding Ulla's joint. Cassidy saves Nick from being arrested at the protesting of a building about to be demolished. Nick wants to save the old building but he cannot remember the significance of the building to his past.

Antwon and Cassidy surveil Tony, and find Tony meeting with Shaw's girlfriend Sherry. Antwon and Cassidy attempt to take Tony back into custody, but Shaw's men grab Tony and Sherry instead. Interrogating Tony, Sherry, and Marley, Shaw asks them where is his gold hidden. With no answer forthcoming, Shaw shoots Marley dead; Shaw buries Tony and Sherry alive in a coffin, with an air tube for them to breath. Sherry has stolen Marley's cell phone, which Tony uses to call Nash for help. Sherry confesses to Tony that she has taken the gold, not Marley, and she hid it in a crypt.

Meanwhile, Ulla is rolling a joint while cooking stew. But Inger comes home, catching Ulla off guard. To hide her marijuana stash, Ulla throws the stash into the stew. Joe comes home and they all have the stew for dinner. Nash comes over to Joe's house, since Joe is not answering his phone. Nash discovers Joe, Inger, and Ulla all higher than kites, as Nash takes Joe to Tony's grave site.

Tony and Sherry are freed. Nash convinces them to testify against Shaw. Joe asks Nash about the connection between Vernon Shaw and Nash's second wife Kelly. Kelly was Shaw's girlfriend, and Nash got Kelly away from Shaw. She was hooked on drugs introduced by Shaw, and Nash cleaned her up. Kelly made Nash promise to never tell anyone of her drug addiction.

Nash and Joe go to arrest Shaw. Nash disarms Shaw by taking his gun. Shaw taunts Nash about Kelly, about how Kelly used to call him up even after she was married to Nash. In anger, Nash shoots Shaw twice, killing Shaw. Joe is stunned, thinking Nash has killed Shaw in cold blood. Luckily, Shaw was reaching for a second gun taped underneath the table.

Searching through newspaper archives, Cassidy discovers the history of the old building. The cornerstone of the building contains a time capsule. Nick's memory is stirred - his mother was the librarian asked to place memorabilia into the capsule. Cassidy obtains the capsule from the construction site. Viewing the items in the capsule, Nick, Nash, and Cassidy hear Nick's mother's voice and a ten year old Nick's voice playback on an old LP record.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 110


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