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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 2, 2001

Episode 121       Airdate: 04/27/01      Writers: Reed Steiner and Damon Lindelof     Director: Ricardo Mendez Matta
Guest Stars: Suzanne Krull, Conor O'Farrell, Jill Ritchie, Vanessa Dorman, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Ricky Medlocke, Kool Mo Dee, And Christian J. Meoli as Boz Bishop. Special Guest Star: Bill Smitrovich.

Ray:...He's gotten to you, hasn't he? Bridges. He's confused you, hasn't he? What did you tell him?
Ray:I went through a lot. I emphasize a lot to conduct this investigation. Bridges is a corrupt cop, and the Department wants to rid itself of such elements. We're almost done here, Rachel. And when we're done, you'll get your re-assignment and your promotion. And when it comes time to remember what team you played on, you won't be forgotten.
Rachel:You never told me I had to sell out people I respect.
Ray:You want respect? Don't quit on me, not now. You will finish this assignment, Inspector.

Deadhead Harvey attends a concert given by Phil Lesh, bass player for the Grateful Dead. The receipts for the concert are being counted backstage. Suddenly, a bulldozer comes crashing through the wall. Two masked females with guns rob the proceeds from the concert. A guard draws his gun and is shot. Harvey happens to be backstage as a fleeing worker is shot. Harvey exchanges gunfire with the two robbers, but the two women get away on a Harley motorcycle.

The 1973 Harley has a very distinctive emblem painted on it. Via a custom bike shop (owned by Mr. Switch), the Harley is traced to Tom Brooks. Brooks says the motorcycle was stolen, but no report was filed. Brooks is belligerent and shoves Harvey during questioning. Harvey arrests Brooks, and brings Brooks in for further interrogation. Nash knows Brooks because Brooks has a daughter Leia the same age as Cassidy. Brooks denies his daughter Leia had anything to do with the robbery.

A trace of the Harley plates reveals a string of tickets and an address. At the address, Harvey busts into apartment of the two women. But the women are not there - instead the apartment is being robbed by a neighbor. The neighbor is a voyeur and he saw the two young women playing with the load of money. One of the women is outside, and she sees Harvey and the SIU take away the bags of stolen money.

Angie Stark, 20 years old, is identified. She has an extensive juvenile record. A re-interrogation of Tom Brooks reveals that Angie is a friend of Leia's. Brooks calls her a pathological liar and a bad influence on Leia. Meanwhile Angie and Leia go to see Mr. Switch. Mr. Switch sets up capers on the side (in addition to owning a bike shop), and the two women need another caper.

Meanwhile Boz Bishop brings in an off-duty case. A record producer, Dicky Lerner, needs to recover a stolen master tape. The tape is stolen by one of Dicky's rapper stars - Master Blaster. Antwon supervises Boz as they take on the case. Going into a music studio, Boz and Antwon are forced to improvise a rap audition.

Betty-Anne has discovered doctored files of old SIU cases. The files show missing money unaccounted for, at least $300,000 in one case. Fifteen cases have irregularities in accounting for money. Nash suspects a set-up by his enemies in the department, and that there is a mole in the SIU.

Mr. Switch shows Angie and Leia their next caper - an armored car containing the Golden Gate Bridge toll receipts. But Mr. Switch is picked up and brought in for questioning. Nash offers Mr. Switch full immunity. Mr. Switch reveals the Golden Gate caper. Mr. Switch also reveals that Angie was Tom Brooks' girlfriend, but Angie dumped Brooks for his daughter Leia.

Angie and Leia force their way into the armored car garage. The SIU intervenes - Leia is arrested, but Angie gets away on her motorcycle. Nash chases on another motorcycle. Angie takes a spill, and Nash tries to disarm her. But she pulls a second gun on Nash, forcing Nash to kill her. Brooks tries to defend his daughter, but Leia is charged with murder. The security guard died from the concert robbery.

Nash has gotten Rachel a cake for her birthday. In an attack of conscience, Rachel sees Lt. Ray Urbanski of MCD (Management Control Division) to tell Urbanski she can't go through with informing on Nash. Rachel has been placed into the SIU to spy on Nash - she is the mole.

Joe confronts Dicky Lerner with the stolen tape from Dicky's own storage locker. Lerner was claiming the tapes were stolen for insurance fraud. Lerner is arrested by Antwon, as a proud Boz claims to have solved the case.

Joe's potential buyer (a wealthy writer) for Mr. Woody is murdered by his bookie. The best selling crime writer first offered $350,000, then $400,000, but now the deal is dead. Nash takes Rachel for a ride on Mr. Woody for her birthday, and they kiss afterwards.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 121


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