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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 2, 2000

Episode 96       Airdate: 03/31/00      Writers: Reed Steiner & Jed Seidel     Director: Steve DeJarnatt
Guest Stars: Ivana Milicevic, Richard Cox, Robert Joy, Cody Kasch.

Chase:What do you like in your bed?
Nash:Somebody warm, cuddly, and trustworthy.
Chase:Considering I could have you killed with one slip of the tongue, you aren't being very nice.
Nash:Well, you just better be careful where you slip your tongue, haven't you, sister?

Nash is undercover and involved in a heist in progress. A guard (whose wife is being held hostage) is forced to open a locked door - only the guard can open the door because of a retinal scan device. Other guards show up - Nash knocks out one guard, but another has a gun on Nash.

Two days earlier, Nash, Joe and Harvey arrive on scene to an armored car robbery. The heist is bold and well planned. At an oil spill block in traffic, a hole is cut in the roof of the armored car with the driver and additional guard completely unaware.

Nash brings Evan back into the SIU. Caitlin has a new job offer as Chief Administrator of the Special Units. Joe's latest off-duty case is to find out who has been making death threats to restaurant critic Norman Craft. Craft asks for Joe's photo to make a press pass for Joe.

Nash receives a computer disk via special delivery. The disk contains a message telling him to go to Herman Plaza. At the Plaza, an envelope taped under a park bench has a $100 bill from the armored car robbery, and a woman on the pay phone wants the $100,000 reward.

Fingerprints on the envelope tape reveal the woman's identity (Clarissa) and address. Harvey and Evan go to Clarissa's apartment - she is not there, but there are bloody stains on the wall. A boy is there, robbing the empty apartment. The boy, Drey, pulls a gun on Harvey, but Harvey remains calm and disarms the boy.

At the SIU, Drey identifies the man who dragged Clarissa out of her apartment. It is Randall Jackson, international heist artist, a prime suspect in a dozen major robberies globally. Clarissa's body is found washed up on Baker Beach.

Jackson recruits Terrence Gault for his latest robbery. But Harvey intercepts Gault taking a taxi from the airport. Nash takes his place instead. At the apartment where the next robbery is being planned, Nash/Gault meets Chase (a girl who Nash has known from a previous case), who is part of the heist team. She plays along, maintaining Nash's cover. Nash gets a delivery of Alfred, the rattlesnake to be used in the heist.

Joe's photo appears in the newspaper, identifying Joe as the mysterious Norman Craft. Craft has done this deliberately to make Joe the target for the death threats. But Joe finds out that it is a restaurant owner whose business has suffered as the result of Craft's unfair review of his restaurant Le Jourdan. Harvey visits Drey's home to meet his mother, but she does not care for the boy at all. Harvey decides to help the boy clear his court case and find Drey a foster home.

Nash learns what he must do. A laser cutter is needed to steal computer chips used in the Navy's latest missile guidance system. The buyer is Qwon Li, Chinese arms dealer for the Taiwanese military. Qwon has a guard's wife as hostage.

Meanwhile, the real Terrence Gault has escaped from police custody. In the surveillance van, Harvey and Evan spot Gault, and inform Nash. Nash is able to knock out Gault before he can reach Jackson.

The heist at the Simtech Building begins. Alfred the rattlesnake is released in the building. The heist team enters, posing as Animal Control workers. The vault door is cut open, Nash intercepts two guards and knocks them out.

Nash insists on accompanying Jackson to the final pay-off. Qwon Li delivers the money in exchange for the chips, but he decides to kill the guard's wife. The SIU raids, and the hostage is freed.

Nash lets Chase go, but she stays behind to seduce Nash in his hotel room. Norman Craft has decided to reform, and give the restauranteur an excellent review. Harvey has found Drey a new foster home. Caitlin has accepted her new job, and begins a financial audit of the SIU. Alfred the rattlesnake has gotten loose, and the frightened personnel in the SIU clear out, leaving Nash alone.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 96


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