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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

February 13, 2000

Episode 92       Airdate: 02/11/00      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Lewis Teague
Guest Stars: Dan Gauthier, Geoffrey Nauffts, Merritt Hicks, Jose Yenque, with Caroline Lagerfelt, Christian J. Meoli as Boz Bishop.

Joe:Ah, Nash Man, it's this whole Evan thing.
Nash:Yeah, I think we oughtta put him out of his misery, so we can get put out of ours.
Joe:Don't tempt me, man. He took something from my house - the watch that I gave Inger for her fortieth. I called him on it. He denied it.
Nash:Write him off, Joe.
Joe:Ahh. Can you?
Nash:I don't know. I know you can't help anybody that's not willing to help themselves.
Harvey:As far as I can tell, boys, there's one thing missing from my apartment - that's the gun that I bought from Evan.
Joe:Ah, that idiot!

In the 'Cuda, Nash and Joe discuss Boz Bishop's latest demand for a substantial promotion in the detective agency. At their meeting with Boz, a woman falls from a hotel balcony, her body landing right next to Boz.

A search of the hotel room reveals Ashley Corbett Scott was having sex on the balcony, that her lover has wiped his fingerprints and evidence from the room. The husband John Scott is grief stricken. John's alibi checks out. At Ashley's workplace, her boss reveals that she was seeing another man named Jared Taylor.

Meanwhile, Boz Bishop cannot leave his apartment, claiming he has been traumatized by the body falling so close to him. Evan is beaten up by a pimp El Diablo in a dispute over Terry, Evan's girlfriend/hooker. Joe visits Evan in the hospital and asks Evan to come stay with him. But Evan leaves, but not before stealing a watch from Joe to pay off a $1000 debt Terry owes El Diablo.

At a visit with husband John at the hotel, a voyeur with a telescope who had witnessed the fall comes forward. Jared is located and brought in for a line-up. The voyeur identifies Jared as the lover in the hotel room. To a skeptical Nash, Jared claims he and Ashley were having sex on the balcony and she fell.

But Jared is not on the hotel surveillance tape. Further investigation reveals a stolen credit card was used to register a new guest at the hotel 48 hours before the murder. The credit card came from a store owned by Helene Taylor, Jared's wife. Jared checked out the next day with Helene.

Confronted with surveillance tape, Jared confesses that Helene forced him to kill Ashley. Helene denies it, certain she will get off. John Scott forces his way into the SIU. Before John can be stopped attempting to shoot Jared, his gun is diverted and John accidentally shoots Helene dead.

Harvey's apartment is broken into - Evan has stolen back the gun Evan sold to Harvey. Joe interrupts Evan attempting to commit suicide. Evan asks for forgiveness for stealing Inger's watch. Joe confronts El Diablo, and warns him to stay clear of Evan and Terry. Evan leaves Terry, and wanders into a church. Nash and Joe see Boz and agree to make him a junior detective in six months, and Boz's agoraphobia miraculously disappears.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 92


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