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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

November 25, 2000

Episode 108       Airdate: 11/24/00      Writers: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Scott Brazil
Guest Stars: Geoff Pierson, Stefanos Miltsakakis, Tamlyn Tomita, Jay Harik, James Parks, with Caroline Lagerfelt as Inger Dominguez, and Daniel Roebuck as Richard Bettina.

Rick:I just took a shower. I like to air dry.
Juliet:Stay away from me, you freak! (Harvey and Antwon come busting in) He's in there. Watch out - he's nude!

Nash and Joe are handcuffed to an overhead pipe in a building about to be imploded. Eldon lays unconscious on the floor. Outside, Harvey and Antwon try to stop the countdown, but they are too late. The building demolition starts as the dynamite charges explode.

CUT TO "Yesterday." Nash and Joe are on their way to the courthouse. Joe mentions that Dove, his contractor, is in love with Amy, his architect. At the courthouse, Nash and Joe meet Rick Bettina. Rick is up for parole, and Nash is going to testify against Rick, since Rick still has not revealed the location of the two and a half million dollars Rick has stolen from the police pension fund. Deputy Chief Max Pettit is also there, hoping to cut a deal with Bettina to recover the money.

Eldon Sistrunk, posing as a guard, frees Rick and they both escape in a Sheriff's van. Rick fires back at Nash and Joe as Rick and Eldon make their getaway. Eldon was Rick's cellmate at one point; and Rick's pen pal in prison, Juliet Harrison, is surveilled. Later Harvey and Antwon visit with Eldon, but he has a prepared alibi with all his time accounted for. (FLASHBACK to when Nash and Joe first met Eldon, when Nash knocked Eldon out cold with a ladder).

Nash and Joe meet with Jeannie, who works in the Deputy Chief's office. She tips off Nash that the Deputy Chief is, in 48 hours, going to blame Nash in the media for the escape of Rick Bettina. Meanwhile, Rick steals a hard hat and work clothes and goes to where the money is hidden. But the basement site is off-limits, with explosives set in place. At a SIU meeting, Nash surmises that Rick is going after the money now because the location is in peril. (FLASHBACK to when Rick first stole the police pension money).

Harvey and Antwon surveil Juliet's house and phone line, and they intercept an incoming call from Rick. Rick breaks into the backdoor of Juliet's house. (FLASHBACK to when Rick met Juliet at a sexual addiction group therapy session). Juliet comes home to find Rick nude, waiting for her. Harvey and Antwon intercept an outgoing call to Eldon, Rick is to meet Eldon at 8AM at his garage. Harvey and Antwon break into Juliet's living room, scaring Rick off. The nude Rick is forced to wear Juliet's red plaid dress.

Nash and Joe go to Eldon's garage, but Rick has arrived first. (FLASHBACK to all the times Nash has interrogated Eldon, where the extremely violent Eldon has always been bound to a chair). Rick asks for Eldon's help to retrieve the money, but Rick inadvertently reveals the location of the money. Eldon doublecrosses Rick and knocks Rick unconscious. Joe walks in and is taken hostage by Eldon. Nash is forced to put down his gun.

CUT TO where we left off in the teaser, with Nash and Joe handcuffed to the overhead pipe. Eldon is hammering a hole in the concrete wall where the stolen money is hidden. Eldon takes Nash and Joe's cell phones and leaves them for dead. But Rick arrives and knocks Eldon unconscious with a shovel. Rick decides to leave Nash and Joe for dead also, even taking the keys to the 'Cuda. Rick also reveals that he is meeting with Butch Mills, a travel agent Nash once arrested.

Nash kicks free a pipe support, and using the shovel, is able to reach the cell phone and his gun. Joe calls out to Harvey, as Nash shoots off the handcuffs. But it is too late, as Nash and Joe pull the unconscious Eldon behind a boiler. The building implodes, but miraculously Nash, Joe and Eldon are unscathed.

Butch Mills is arrested and forced to set-up Rick. Nash and Joe meet Rick at Pier 23, where Nash slugs Rick and takes back the 'Cuda. Nash returns the money to the Deputy Chief, who is disappointed he did not get a chance to embarrass Nash. Rachel, working late, is assisted by Nash, who asks her to join him for dinner. Joe writes a love letter to Inger, who was angered that Joe used one of their love letters. Joe used their letter because Dove is unable to come up with something romantic for Amy, as a tearful and touched Amy reads back the love letter to Inger, a letter which Inger recognized.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 108


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