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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 21, 2000

Episode 103       Airdate: 10/20/00      Writer: Thomas Edward Bray     Director: Pat Duffy
Guest Stars: Donna Scott, Greg Vaughan, Eli Danker, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Gina Mari, and Stephen Lee.

Cassidy:I know what you're all about. You prance around all dolled up, and all pushed up and whatever, trying to get whatever you can from whoever you can.
Tamara:Not from Nash, if that matters to you.
Cassidy:It doesn't.

In the speedboat, Nash and Joe intercept the Bay ferry, looking for Tony B. Tony B hands off a briefcase to Gabe Iseman, but Iseman is stun-gunned by Tamara Van Zant. Tamara steals the briefcase, and appearing in a wet suit hidden beneath her clothes, Tamara jumps overboard, only to be picked up by a waiting jet ski.

When questioned, Tony B and Gabe Iseman deny that a theft has take place. They deny knowing each other, and Tony B does not know Tamara. Cassidy questions a young man - Josh Avery, witness to the event, and Josh is attracted to Cassidy.

A search of Tony B's apartment reveals a box full of money. On interrogation, Tony B reveals that a scientist from the Livermore Research Lab has put his laptop computer up for sale. The laptop contains missile guidance technology. Art dealer Abe Lansk is interested in acquiring the laptop to help Israel build more accurate missiles, and has given Tony B the money to acquire the laptop.

Tamara has been released from prison by a special sealed order, under the custody of FBI Special Agent Schmidt. A trace of Schmidt calls reveals the location of Tamara. Nash and Joe find Tamara tied up, Tamara reveals that she is being used as bait by FBI Agent Schmidt to get Abe Lansk. Tamara's connection Peter DeSanto has doublecrossed her and she has lost the laptop. Meanwhile DeSanto has been found drowned by Cassidy and Rachel.

Tony B and Iseman are released from SIU custody. Iseman goes to see Lansk, and Iseman is told to get Tamara. Tamara goes to DeSanto's apartment, but Iseman is there already, having found the laptop there. Nash is forced to kill Iseman, and the laptop is taken into SIU custody.

The laptop turns out to be a fake, switched by Tony B. Tamara beats up Tony B, just as the real laptop arrives by special delivery. Nash keeps the laptop as Tamara spends the night at Nash's apartment. The next morning Tamara tries to run away with the computer, but she decides against it, but still Nash cannot trust her. A meeting with Tamara and Lansk is set-up, with the SIU in surveillance. Just as Tamara hands over the laptop to Lansk, the SIU closes in, and Harvey arrests Lansk.

Meanwhile Joe's latest off-duty case involves Joe undercover as a triangle player in Coleman Spencer's orchestra. Coleman's wife suspects him of having an affair with oboe player Fiona Childs. But Coleman is really being blackmailed by Fiona because he is deaf. Joe uncovers the blackmail, and ends up playing in a real performance because the real triangle player is pursued by his union rep for failure to pay his dues.

Cassidy has begun dating Josh Avery. Cassidy finally puts away Evan's necklace which she has been wearing. Having fulfilled her bargain with the FBI, Tamara is free to go. Tamara says good-bye to Nash as they part company once again.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 103


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