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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

January 16, 1999

Episode 67       Airdate: 01/15/99      Writer: Shawn Ryan and Glen Mazzara     Director: Pat Duffy
Guest Stars: Diana Uribe, John Walcutt, Jay Harrington, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Andrea C. Robinson, Orlando Brown.

Nash:What's the, ah, topic?
Lucy:Last night.
Nash:Umm. Well, ah, last night was a little distracting, wasn't it?
Lucy:Umm. I was actually getting that feeling before last night. You're a nice friend, but I'm not looking for a friend. I want something more.
Nash:Hmm. And you deserve that.
Lucy:But I'm not going to get it from you, am I?

At a bookstore, Nash and his French date, Lucy, are spotted by Caitlin Cross. Distracted, Caitlin turns to leave but forgets to pay for her book. An amused Nash comes to her rescue from the security guard. Outside, a wealthy couple in a Jaguar are attacked by four boys in a car. The woman escapes screaming for help. Nash responds, only to see the man tossed out of his own car, having been shot twice.

At the hospital, the man dies. He is identified as Harrison Stone, investment banker. He is fourth of the three other high-end carjackings this week. His Jaguar has been found stripped, but Evan finds a clue - a meal voucher belonging to a Kenny Moore from a run-away shelter called the Teen Addition. Harvey's good friend, Bobby Shack runs the shelter, but Bobby refuses to let his shelter be searched without a search warrant. They return with warrants to find Kenny hiding in Bobby's office. With Bobby acting as lawyer for young Kenny, Nash is unable to get any information from Kenny. Kenny's wealthy parents arrive to free him.

Meanwhile, Joe's "daughter" Maria Renaldo returns to see Joe at the private detective agency. Maria has just been fired from her job in the jewelry section of Fenwick's department store, framed for stealing jewelry found in her locker. Joe goes undercover as a Fenwick salesman to investigate. Joe meets Scott, his slick shoe salesman supervisor, and Larry, the hostile security guard.

Lucy has called it quits on her early relationship with Nash; they part amicably, but this leaves Nash dateless for an exclusive VIP party given for famed artist Andrew Story. Caitlin desperately wants to go to this party to solicit funding from Andrew for her volunteer work for the SF Breast Cancer Foundation. Nash baits her, but he finally agrees to help.

Evan and Harvey check out one of the previous carjack victims, real estate magnate Arthur Lipton. They find him dead, killed about 5 or 6 days ago. Kenny Moore's fingerprints are found at the crime scene. Before Evan and Harvey can get to Kenny, Kenny is intercepted by killer Justin. Justin kills Kenny's stepfather before he is arrested; Kenny escapes. Justin is linked to Arthur Lipton when his fingerprints are found in Lipton's car. Via a young boy attempting to steal his car, Harvey locates Kenny hiding in an abandoned building.

Joe sets a trap for Scott and Larry by linking himself with the fired Maria. Scott and Larry attempt to frame Joe also; they are caught on videotape placing jewelry inside of Joe's locker. Joe arrests them. Nash and Caitlin attend the party; she meets Andrew Story. Story turns out to be a sexual predator, looking for sexual favors in return for funding.

The plot unravels - Arthur Lipton was the primary land owner of a proposed new stadium site, and Harrison Stone was the financier. With both of them dead, the alternate site will be chosen. The alternate site is owned by Bobby Shack. Nash learns from Kenny Moore that Booby hired Justin and Kenny to do away with the competition. Kenny is returned to his mom. A disappointed Harvey arrests his friend Bobby Shack. Maria is rehired at Fenwick's; she gives Joe an expensive watch in appreciation. Caitlin turns down Story's offer of a vacation in Hawaii; Caitlin gives Nash a bottle of wine in appreciation for taking her to the party.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 67


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