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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

November 18, 1998

Episode 62       Airdate: 11/13/98      Writer: Glen Mazzara     Director: David Jackson
Guest Stars: Marci Brickhouse, Zion, And Daniel Roebuck as Richard Bettina.

Caitlin:As much as it pains me to think our agendas might actually line up, it's pretty nice being on the same side.
Nash:Well, ah, don't get used to it. Don't make it a habit. You might learn to like it.
Caitlin:There you go again.
Caitlin:Everytime I make some sort of effort to have a cordial relationship with you, you just undercut me.
Nash:Whoa, wait a minute. Who's undercutting who, sister?
Caitlin:That. That is what I am talking about. Right there, Nash.
Nash:No, no, no. I'm trying to be nice here. But you're misinterpreting everything I say. You know what? I'm having a very, very bad ex-wife flashback - uh-huh.
Caitlin:OK, look. I was just trying to be nice. Let's just...
Caitlin:You know what? No. Forget it. Good-bye.
Nash:OK, fine. Good-bye. Don't let the door hit ya or the dog shoulda bitcha.
Joe:I see this bonding experience has warmed things up between the two of you.

Meeting at Yerba Buena Gardens, Rick Bettina begs Nash to take an off-duty case to investigate his fiancée. Rick suspects Darcy is cheating on him. Just as Nash refuses Rick (Nash doesn't like domestic dispute cases), four well-dressed men show up and begin shooting. Bystanders are hit in the shoot-out as the four kill each other for a briefcase. Another gunman gets away with the briefcase, as another captured gunman swallows a cyanide pill and dies in front of Nash and Rick.

With four dead and three civilians wounded, Nash suspects some sort of spy operation. The GQ Posse, as Nash calls them, stay at ritzy hotels such as the Fairmount. Harvey and Evan search the Cyanide Man's room and find a cache of money and floor plans for the next shoot-out at the Hopkins Hotel. Harvey, Evan and Joe stake out the hotel. A well-dressed man shows up with a briefcase; the man drops the briefcase as he escapes. At the SIU, Nash and Harvey disarm the booby-trapped briefcase and find its contents to be a valuable notebook of original handwritten lyrics by Kurt Cobain.

Meanwhile Joe has agreed to take Rick's case; Nash refuses, but asks Evan to take his place. Shown a picture of Darcy, Evan realizes Darcy was his latest conquest. Taking Harvey's advice, a panicked Evan tries to call off their relationship; Darcy not only refuses, but threatens to tell Rick. An increasingly irate Rick (Rick's stepfather is the Chief of Police) wants to know who the other man is, much to Evan's worry.

The lyrics notebook was sold to Kevin Wylde, head of the Inferon company and a wealthy Internet software mogul. Fingerprints reveal one of the gunmen to be in the employ of Mr. Gin Tan of Singapore, one of the five richest men in the world. The Cyanide Man, presumed dead, is missing from the morgue. Also, one of the wounded bystanders has disappeared from the hospital. Nash and Joe visit Kevin Wylde and Mr. Gin Tan, who also happens to be there. The politically influential Wylde complains to the Mayor; the Mayor sends Caitlin to warn Nash to back off, which of course, Nash refuses. Wylde sends a hitman to kill Nash. Nash instead captures the hitman, who turns out to be Cyanide Man.

A credit report leads Joe and Evan to the Vinga Restaurant, where the bartender gives a description of the hiding Evan. Evan fesses up to Nash (including telling Nash that he has broken up with daughter Cassidy), telling Nash that Darcy is a police groupie. Nash arranges a meeting with Darcy; Darcy kisses Nash just as an irate and jealous Rick walks in. Rick wants to fight, but Nash knocks Rick down with one blow to the nose. Nash calms down Rick as he lets Rick and Darcy talk it out.

Nash interrogates the Cyanide Man by dunking him into the freezing waters of the Bay. Caitlin walks in to stop the dunking, but she gets just as mad when they all learn that the two wealthy tycoons are playing a game with teams of mercenaries trying to capture the other team's valuable briefcase. The Cyanide Man faked his death by lowering his heart and respiration rates with herbs. The other injured man missing from the hospital is the referee. The SIU captures the referee with the other suitcase containing a rare bottle of 1945 Rothschild wine. Nash and the SIU, along with a SWAT team, invade Wylde's office and arrest him for murder.

Caitlin informs Nash privately at his apartment that Mr. Gin Tan has escaped the country, and the Mayor wasn't going to help. Nash closes the case with Rick without revealing that Evan was the other man. Rick refuses to pay Joe for the case, and concludes that Darcy wasn't the right woman for him. Speaking via the Internet, Mr. Gin Tan gloats he has gotten out of the country until Nash opens his bottle of wine and shares it with Evan and Joe. Nash and Caitlin get in another argument once again, leaving Nash annoyed.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 62


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