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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 7, 2000

Episode 99       Airdate: 05/05/00      Writers: Jed Seidel and Reed Steiner     Director: Greg Yaitanes
Guest Stars: Silas Weir Mitchell, Tzi Ma, Athena Massey, Robert LaSardo. Special Guest Stars: Theresa Russell, Tracey Walter, with Stephen Lee and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Nash:C'mon, Joe. We're going to Vegas.
Joe:Nashman, this is a federal case. We don't have any jurisdiction in Vegas.
Nash:I know. Get in.

Nash and Joe get a tip from Tony B that there is a hit out on Chief of Police Frank Girard. But it's already too late, as the Chief's car is shot up - the Chief and his driver are killed. Nash and Joe arrive to find the carnage.

The Chief was a close friend of Nash's. There was one driver, one triggerman, using a bright red Impala. The Impala crashed into a taxi, leaving behind a paint sample.

Thanks to Caitlin's suggestion, the SIU and the Embarcadero station are sharing office space in the barge. There is total chaos, as Joe is forced to share a desk with Jake Cage. Tony B is interrogated. Tony B has a new business - Bay Area Switches. The trucking business is really a front to ship money to Las Vegas to be laundered. Tony B's contact is Ellen Holiday. Holiday is in contact with the assassin of the Chief and with Jimmy Z, head of the money-laundering operation.

Holiday is arrested and questioned, but she reveals nothing. The red Impala is found, tracked to a Melvin from a wrecking yard. Holiday reveals she is a DEA agent, and her supervisor is Agent Marzaroti. Melvin's cousin, driver of the get-away car, works at Merritt Auto Body. A raid on the warehouse reveals 31 money counters, Tony B's truck, and half a billion dollars in cash. Nash orders Jake Cage to guard the cash. Holiday shows up, because she needs the money to continue her undercover case. She reveals the killer of the Chief is Roy McNeer, and that Jimmy Z ordered Chief Girard killed.

McNeer and Jimmy Z suspect that Holiday has stolen the half a billion dollars. Holiday meets with McNeer - she blames Tony B for losing the cash. But Nash and Joe show up and arrest McNeer.

Meanwhile, Nash has given Nick a cell phone. Nash is concerned about Nick's Alzheimer's affliction. But Nick has turned off the phone and refuses to be monitored. Nash rescues Angel from a rooftop. Angel's wings have been stolen. Nash finds the wings on a wino, and returns the wings to Angel.

Nash gets Tony B to set-up Jimmy Z. Tony B is to tell Jimmy Z that he wants to give back the money. McNeer wants to deal - he meets with Agent Marzaroti. But's it's a trick - McNeer kills Marzaroti and two other agents and escapes. Meanwhile, Holiday meets with Jimmy Z and reveals that she is a DEA agent. She agrees to return the half a billion in cash to Jimmy Z in return for a pay-off of twenty million dollars. Holiday also agrees to keep Jimmy Z informed of the investigation on him.

At the warehouse, Jake Cage informs Nash that the half billion in cash is gone, taken away by the DEA. Nash suspects Holiday. Nash and Joe go to Las Vegas, to follow Holiday and McNeer there.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 99


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