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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 14, 2000

Episode 97       Airdate: 04/07/00      Writers: Deborah Amelon     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Kate McNeil, Josie DiVincenzo, David Faustino, Jay Karnes, Georgia Emelin.

Cassidy:Dad, are you really as cynical about the government as you sound?
Nash:Umm, I'm a guy that likes to put people ahead of institutions unless, of course, I'm putting them into institutions.
Cassidy:And that's why I love you.

Nash and Joe are coming off another off-duty case. In the back of the 'Cuda are four midget clowns, with another clown in the trunk. Meanwhile, a female prisoner chain gang is cleaning up at the park. One prisoner (Diana) picks up a gun hidden in a trash container. On the pretext of sex, Diana leads the guard into a van. The guard is shot, his shotgun taken by Diana. Diana and two other prisoners escape in the van, but a fourth jumps off and remains behind. Nash and Joe arrive, and the left behind prisoner (Rose) tries to strike a bargain. Rose claims she was framed by her husband (Mark Torre) and their nanny (Laura) for stealing five milllion dollars in bearer bonds from the investment firm Rose worked for. Nash agrees to furlough Rose out of prison if her information pans out.

Rose names Janet and her boyfriend Axel Pruitt. Harvey and Evan raid Axel's apartment and arrest them. In exchange for the location of the female gang, Harv and Evan agree to let Janet and Axel get married on the spot, so that they may be permitted conjugal visits in adjoining cells. Harv and Evan raid the Gold Rush Motel, but just miss the gang. Meanwhile, the three members of the gang carjack a minivan.

Nash figures out what the gang is up to. They have not fled town because they are after Rose's stolen bearer bonds. Rose and Diana were cell mates, and Diana is now after Rose's husband Mark Torre. Mark stole the bonds and now has them hidden somewhere in his restaurant place of business. Nash informs Mark, but he denies having the bonds. Harv and Evan are outside to follow Mark to the bonds. Meanwhile, the gang robs a gun shop, taking automatic weapons and body armor.

The gang shows up at Mark's restaurant. The gang kidnaps Mark and girlfriend/ nanny Laura. Harv and Evan try to stop them, but the heavily armed women shoot up Harv's car. Mark manages to escape.

Joe's wife Inger is away visiting her sister in Stockton. So Joe orders out and has his dinner delivered. The delivery boy Simon is rude and complains about his tip. Simon returns a second time and again exchanges words with Joe. Joe's car is vandalized, and Joe suspects Simon. Joe sees the restaurant manager and Simon is fired. But later a neighbor's boy confesses to punching a nail into Joe's tire. Cassidy takes an interest in a career with the CIA, but Nash objects.

Laura's body is found in a meat freezer - she's shot twice. Harv and Evan check another adjoining freezer, but discover an empty locker where the bonds were hidden. Rose remembers another of Diana's associates - her uncle Raymond Barker. Barker owns a limo service. Nash and Joe raid the limo service, but Diana tries to escape in a SAAB. A car chase ensues, with Diana's SAAB flipping over. Nash rescues Diana, but the SAAB goes up in flames along with five million in bearer bonds.

Nash re-unites Rose with her daughter Brittany, and gives her an Amtrak ticket to escape. Caitlin suspects something else, but Nash claims Rose has escaped his custody. Cassidy decides against a career in the CIA.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 97


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