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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

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October 2000


See NASH BRIDGES Every Day (October 22, 2000)

All of a sudden, it's like NASH BRIDGES is all over place. You can watch NASH every weekday on the USA Network, and then you can watch NASH on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) on your local affiliates.

On Fridays, you can get your NASH fix twice, first on USA, then watch a brand new episode Friday evening.

So there's no more excuses that you missed an episode - you can eventually see every episode just by watching everyday!



FAN MAIL (October 22, 2000)

We've been getting more mail than usual, definitely due to the increase airing of episodes. I will put up some of the more interesting ones - note that some are edited for brevity and clarity.

We can't answer every question - in particular questions about music used in sequences and the artists. If you have any info, please help us. Thanks.

The New Season Six Opening Music

What were you guys thinking?????
The former Nash Bridges theme song was perfect so who was the "genius" the screwed with it????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the new theme song. Switch back to the previous theme song!!!! (i.e. the one that goes "I 've got a friend in you, to lead me out of the cold...") Next time, leave well enough alone!!! (There is a reason that is a common expression after all.)


Fans Miss Evan (Played by Jaime P. Gomez)

Why was Jaime P. Gomez written out of the show? It seemed his charactor/Evan had a good following.




I agree, Evan should have gotten a police funeral. Maybe they could still do it, as a flashback during a chat between Harve & Antwon?
What really got me, is they didn't give him decent time to die on camera. It was all over too suddenly, he could have at least had a close up on his face as he realizes and Harve realizes he's going. The character and the actor deserved more consideration. It was cold, for a show that has some heart even if it's cops & action. I don't understand...


Nash's Brother Bobby

I noticed on the season premiere of season six, Nick (who's suffering from senility & Alzheimer's Disease) mentioned that he set an extra dinner plate for Bobby. What's the deal with him? Is he another relative of Nash's who maybe died when Nash was young?


Gordon's Response

The mystery surrounding Nash's brother Bobby is cleared up in "Revelations," Episode #39, from Season 3.

Cassidy Backlash

I have watched this show for all of the seasons. I am no longer interested having "Cassidy" as part of Nashs team is not good for me.


First let me say I love the site. I just found it over the summer and I enjoyed reading what you thought of some old epoisodes. I have watched Nash from day one.
I just finished watching tonight's episode and it reminded me to check and see what you all thought of last week.
I have to say I totally agree. I will go a step further and say they should have NEVER had Cassidy become a cop.
The show was about Nash juggling work and HOME now the balance seems thrown off. Also what is up with Cassidy's new lower "Cop Voice" sounds weird I like the addition of Cress Williams to take over for Evan but I wish they would do more with Harvey I really like Jeff Perry.
Tonight they added Wendy Moniz who I know from Guiding Light and I think she did a great job.


International NASH

Hi Gordon. It has been a quiet summer on your website. Are you ready for the season premiere? I envy all Nash Fans in the States. We just have to be happy with "hit and run", next saturday. Have fun




Don Fires Back At Tabloids on Larry King Live (October 8, 2000)

Don Johnson was interviewed on Larry King Live on CNN on Friday, October 6th (the night of the season premiere of NASH BRIDGES). Don was in the second part of the one hour show and was interviewed for about 25 minutes.

Don was not in the studio, but via satellite with a backdrop of San Francisco in the background. Throughout the interview Larry King kept calling Don "one of the good guys."

Among the topics Don talked about:

  • Don talked about being away from Hollywood as a positive thing since he didn't positively respond to having to be on various lists in Hollywood;
  • Don trashed tabloids as twisting journalism and the first amendment into entertainment;
  • Don talked about the LA Times profile on him where he gave a reporter lots of exclusive access and thought that things were taken out of context;
  • Don briefly talked about Melanie Griffith, and said he did not want to say anything negative about the women in his life;
  • Don said his kids were the best of part of his life;
  • Larry asked Don if he was thinking about doing a book on his life, but Don was reluctant because he had no intention of harming anyone by a book.
  • Larry asked if he's a simple guy and Don said he's "a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks."

Then came the call-in segment of the Larry King show and a number of fascinating answers popped up.

  • Don was asked about if there's going to be a MIAMI VICE reunion movie. Don suggested a Pay Per View MIAMI VICE movie and says there's some discussions of it.
  • Don said that Michael Mann taught him a lot about filmmaking and that Michael Mann was a big reason that Don is Executive Producer of NASH BRIDGES because Don learned so much on the MIAMI VICE set. Don also added that he had "monumental" disagreements with Mann at times.
  • Don was asked about violence in the media. Don said that the show tries to work by "meeting force with force" (suggesting that NASH BRIDGES isn't gratuitous). He supports parental guidance, not regulation, and Don doesn't support censorship of any kind.

Larry King asked Don about public life and being a celebrity, to which Don said that he believes everyone is entitled to some privacy. Larry commented that NASH BRIDGES is starting its sixth season and that is "Herculean" for a TV show.

Larry asked Don if he's singing anymore (and they showed some clips of his old music videos). Don said he has written a lot of songs but he doesn't want to do the "manufactured" (Don's word) stuff that they had him doing before when he was singing. Instead Don would like to put his songs on his web site. Larry asked about his web site and Don just said to punch in "don johnson" or "nash bridges" or "ana mandara." (Ana Mandara is the name of Don's restaurant.)

Finally Don commented on Vietnam, the country, the people, the people being as American as anyone else, and having a rich culture. Don's fascination with Vietnam is well-known, as his Ana Mandara restaurant features fine Vietnamese cuisine. Don said he'd love to do more movies "God willing" if someone shows him good scripts.



The Friday Night Line-Up (October 8, 2000)

Two new series are on before NASH BRIDGES, and both look like strong shows. THE FUGITIVE borrows more from the movie than it does from the old TV series. CSI, a Jerry Bruckheimer (ala of Hollywood big-budget action films) produced series, occupies the suicide slot before NASH BRIDGES. THE FUGITIVE and CSI should provide a strong lead-in to NASH BRIDGES for even higher ratings this year.

In all the time that NASH BRIDGES has been on, every new show introduced in the time slot before NASH BRIDGES has been cancelled in the first year. Only NASH BRIDGES has survived in its regular Friday night time slot.

Other CBS Shows

The CBS monster summer hit, SURVIVOR, will have a spill-over onto NASH BRIDGES. Three of the SURVIVORS are slated for bit parts on NASH BRIDGES. WALKER, TEXAS RANGER returns to its Saturday night time slot. WALKER is an even more solid show than NASH BRIDGES, quietly garnering mega-number ratings on Saturday nights.

And finally the latest CBS cop show, THE DISTRICT, with Craig T. Nelson, looks strong also, tackling Washington, DC crime. It's well written, but let's see how this show fares...



How Many Episodes of NB in the Can? (October 8, 2000)

The industry term for finished episodes is "in the can," meaning that an episode is shot, edited, and finished, "in the (film) cannister", ready for air.

NASH BRIDGES returned from summer hiatus and began shooting in August. We estimate there are five to six finished episodes ready for air. It takes about one week to shot, another one to two weeks to edit, and then the episode is screened for the network, and final approval is given by the network to air the episode.

At any given moment, an episode is being shot, while another is being edited. The majority of the ideas (pitches) for scripts and writing was done during the summer. Re-writes can continue right up to the moment scripts are shot.

Scripts are broken down by locations. This year, the NB production is looking for a small building to blow up! Don's new Vietnamese restaurant is also reported to be a major location. Also in this sixth year of production, Don Johnson's work load is being reduced. Don has a perfect photographic double to stand-in for him in over-the-shoulder shots, in wide shots, stunt scenes, and stunt scenes involving the 'Cuda.



We're Back! (October 8, 2000)

Hello Nash fans, we're back and ready for another rip-roarin' season of NASH BRIDGES. Regular readers of our UNOFFICIAL site (that means we are not affiliated in any way to the Official site or to the NB production, or to any other NASH BRIDGES web sites) know that we are not just another fawning fan site. You'll notice too, that we have an ORIGINAL in front of our title - that's because this web site was started from the very first airing of NASH BRIDGES - that's right, we've been doing this web site for over five years now!

And yes, we love the series, but sometimes we write critical reviews of the episodes. We shoot from the hip, and call 'em like we see 'em. But that doesn't mean we're not fans, but we are discerning fans.

You're free to disagree, and we certainly don't feel we're the last word in the commentaries. We're just expressing our learned opinion, and we put it in our web site. Thanks for all the support through these past five years.

If you spot any inaccuracies, misspellings and the like (those names of the bit characters are especially hard to pick up!) please let us know. We appreciate feedback that we get, and feel free to send us info.

The most frequent requests we get from fans are for copies of missed episodes. Please - we cannot supply you with video copies, and we do not deal in any trading, selling of episodes or copies of NASH BRIDGES. If you must see an episode, wait for them and watch them in syndication now on the USA Network!



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