* Spencer's Socket Site

Tinkering with Unix network programming with BSD sockets? If so, drop by for some snippets of information for your client/server needs.

* Pindemonium for Pinterest

Access Pinterest with this Android app, previously available in the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore.

* The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES Web Site

* CopyFaster for Windows 2000

CopyFaster is a software utility that makes Windows 2000 Explorer copy big files faster when copying to and from the same hard drive. CopyFaster was available as a $9.99 shareware program. Check out the screen shots and sample performance graphs.

* MacYack Pro

LowTek Creations developed SmartMessage, a speech program included in the commercial MacYack Pro package from Scantron Quality Computers. MacYack Pro allowed users to take full advantage of Apple's PlainTalk Text-to-Speech synthesis software.

* MaxRAM 1.6

MaxRAM 1.6 gave users 6 times the RAM when used with Connectix RAM Doubler 1.6.

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