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RAM Doubler is an ingenious product from Connectix Corporation that effectively doubles the amount of installed RAM just by installing software. RAM Doubler uses several techniques:

* Better Memory Management

RAM Doubler manages memory better by only giving applications the memory they need, rather than only allowing applications to use their own partition.

* Compressing RAM

RAM Doubler compresses RAM right in memory to store twice as much information in RAM.

* Using the hard drive if necessary

Under low-memory circumstances, RAM Doubler may use the hard drive briefly to store memory, somewhat like System 7 Virtual Memory (but definitely faster).

What's the latest version of RAM Doubler?

The latest version of RAM Doubler is version 1.6.2. You can download a RAM Doubler updater from Connectix's World Wide Web site. Please note that MaxRAM 1.6 does not work with RAM Doubler 1.6.1 or 1.6.2. MaxRAM 1.6 is the final and last version of MaxRAM. Please note that I am prohibited by law from giving away or passing around the RAM Doubler 1.6 Updater. As a developer, I would get sued for copyright infringement.

Where can I buy RAM Doubler?

RAM Doubler is commercial software available from Connectix Corporation:

U.S. Mail
Connectix Corporation
2655 Campus Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403
(800) 839-3632
(415) 571-5100
(415) 571-5195
America Online
Command K (keyword), Connectix
World Wide Web
CONNECTIX - Business
CONNECTIX.TS - Technical Support
CONNECTIX.CS - Customer Service

You can also buy RAM Doubler online at the Cyberian Outpost or at your local mail order store for about $50 US.


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