LowTek CopyFaster for Windows 2000
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1.0 Final Release
June 18, 2000


How Fast?

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1.0 Final Release Released June 18, 2000

How fast is CopyFaster?

Performance depends on many factors, including:

  • Brand and model of hard disk.
  • Amount of physical memory (RAM) available.

The following performance graphs have been updated for the newest version of CopyFaster, which is even faster than the older versions.

Below is graph that shows CopyFaster much faster than Windows 2000 (without CopyFaster) with a Western Digital 13GB IDE Ultra66 hard drive:

In the same computer, here are the result for a Maxtor 13GB IDE Ultra33 hard drive:

Note that these performance results are just the results for my particular computer system.

It is hard to predict the performance of any particular system. Since you can try CopyFaster before purchasing it, the best test is just to try it!

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