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Check out our audio demos and animated screen shots of MacYack Pro below!


MacYack Pro was a commercial package of speech software available from Scantron Quality Computers. It included 8 programs and 21 voices. MacYack Pro allowed you to take full advantage of Apple's PlainTalk Text-to-Speech synthesis software.

With MacYack Pro, you're able to:


* VoiceBox by Ross Brown

VoiceBox is the core component of MacYack Pro that allows all of the programs to use less memory. VoiceBox is fully AppleScriptable so you can add speech to other programs using AppleScript.

* SpeakIt! by Ross Brown

SpeakIt! allows you to speak the selected text in any program, shouting bold text and inflecting italic and underlined text. SpeakIt! can also assign different voices to different fonts. See and hear a demonstration!

* SpeakAlert by Brian Stern

SpeakAlert speaks the text in Alerts and Notification boxes from most applications, giving you the freedom to use your Mac without being glued to the screen. See and hear a demonstration!

* SpeakItRight by Brian Stern

SpeakItRight allows you to customize the pronounciation of all of the MacYack Pro programs. You can easily correct common mispronounciations and errors. See and hear a demonstration!

* SmartMessage by Spencer Low

SmartMessage allows you to have customized messages at startup and shutdown that speak a message and display a picture. See and hear a demonstration!

* Articulate by Alex Metcalf

Articulate allows you to add speech to HyperCard stacks. You can speak any text, including text in fields and scripts. View screen-shot.

* Talking Calculator Pro by Brian Stern

Talking Calculator Pro is an easy to use talking calculator that allows you to free your eyes from the screen when doing calculations. See and hear a demonstration!

* SoundMaker by Ross Brown

SoundMaker allows you to create "speech files" that speak using MacYack Pro. Speech files can include your own text and other special commands that read the current time, day, date, user name, computer type, and more. Drop a speech file into the System file to use as a talking alert sound or talking clock chime. See and hear a demonstration!


MacYack Pro was available for $29.95. MacYack Pro was backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. You could purchase MacYack Pro from Scantron Quality Computers at:

[30 day money back guarantee]
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Technical support was available via Scantron Quality Computers Technical Support Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM (EST) at:
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