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MaxRAM 1.6

Shareware $5
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June 5, 1996


What's New!


MaxRAM is a $5 shareware program that works in conjunction with Connectix RAM Doubler 1.6 on Macs and PowerMacs, allowing you to have SIX times as much memory. Normally, RAM Doubler will double your RAM, but with the help of MaxRAM, you can have SIX times the installed memory. That's right - SIX. For example, if you have 8MB of real RAM in your Macintosh, MaxRAM will give you 48MB of RAM.

To use MaxRAM, simply drop it in your System Folder (NOT the Extensions folder) and Restart your Macintosh. Please make sure 32-bit Addressing is turned on in the Memory control panel. Don't forget to pay your shareware fee. :-)


If you're currently using an older version of MaxRAM, do the following to install the new MaxRAM 1.6:

Shareware Info

Shareware fees for a starving and busy student: I don't move and destroy furniture, but I would greatly appreciate a nominal $5.00 U.S. check or an international postal money order made payable to "Spencer Low," or equivalent national currency, if you use MaxRAM or appreciate MaxRAM in any way. Please do not send me international personal checks because the collection fee is more than 4 times the shareware fee. If you cannot pay the shareware fee, please spread the word on how totally cool MaxRAM is or upload MaxRAM to America Online, eWorld, CompuServe, Internet FTP sites, local BBSs, and anywhere else you may have access to (since I cannot afford to do so) or send a postcard to:

Spencer Low
LowTek Creations
<I've moved a few times, so this is no longer up to date>

In appreciation of all the past support and shareware payments, please note that I can no longer answer any questions via postal mail because I am extremely busy at school. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list included with MaxRAM, or visit the LowTek Creations World Wide Web site at: I will be updating the Web site periodically to answer any additional frequently asked questions.

Please note that I CANNOT send MaxRAM to you via postal mail because of my busy school schedule. I appreciate your understanding. If you need to obtain MaxRAM, please see "Where can I get the latest LowTek software?" below.

The Last MaxRAM

Because of my busy school schedule, I no longer have the time to maintain newer versions of MaxRAM. MaxRAM 1.6 is the last and final version of MaxRAM. I especially want to thank all the patient, loyal registered users for all their positive support and morale boosting, especially in the face of many obstacles and many technical difficulties. Since I am a Computer Science major, I look forward to developing useful software for all of you in the future. I also look forward to your continued support. Please visit the LowTek Creations World Wide Web site at for my current projects. Thank you so much.


MaxRAM shall not be distributed in public domain/freeware software compilations. MaxRAM is copyrighted shareware with all rights reserved. Inclusion of MaxRAM with other software products requires the express written permission/authorization by the author. This restriction does not apply to bulletin boards, commercial online services such as America Online, eWorld, CompuServe and Delphi, and nonprofit Macintosh user groups which hold regularly scheduled public meetings.

Purchase Order Discounts

Purchased Discount
1-9 none
10-19 10 %
20-29 20 %
30-39 30 %
40-49 40 %
50 or more 50 %


MaxRAM, to function properly, requires the following:

MaxRAM works only in conjunction with RAM Doubler with the following requirements: a 68030 or 68040 microprocessor, or a 68020 microprocessor with a PMMU, or a PowerPC microprocessor, and at least 4MB of real RAM. MaxRAM does not work on older 68000 series Macintoshes that have been upgraded with an accelerator. Compact Virtual (from Connectix) or OptiMem (from Jump Development) can be used on those machines.

User Reviews

"MaxRam works flawlessly... Good work" (MaxRAM 1.6)

Ed Prasek of MacSense Magazine and Mac Home Journal

"The best test is just to try it [MaxRAM]!"

Sharon Zardetto Aker, MacUser, August 1994 issue

"Not bad for $5."

MACFormat, June 1994 issue

"MaxRAM greatly enhances RAM Doubler's capability."

Chris Oakes, Computer Currents April 5, 1994 issue


Tony Reveaux, MicroTimes, May 2, 1994 issue

* * * * * 5 out 5 rating

Andrew Kim of ZiffNet/Mac on eWorld

"If you have RAMDoubler, you should get a copy of MaxRAM."

Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere, Low-End User EMagazine March 1994.
"...with MaxRAM I can run everything....and run it problem free." (MaxRAM 1.6)

"...this product should be everyone's choice for shareware add-on of the year! At least one [user group] member was sufficiently impressed that it prompted his purchase of RamDoubler!"

Tom Hansen of the Vermont MacChamp User Group

"Just started using it, and amazed all of my friends - especially my PC buddies!"

Jer1 on America Online

Where can I get the latest LowTek software?

* LowTek Web Site

Visit the LowTek World Wide Web site at:

* Info-Mac Mirrors

Visit any Info-Mac mirror on the Internet, including the following sites:

Where can I get RAM Doubler?

RAM Doubler is commercial software available from Connectix Corporation:

U.S. Mail
Connectix Corporation
2655 Campus Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403
(800) 839-3632
(415) 571-5100
(415) 571-5195
America Online
Command K (keyword), Connectix
World Wide Web
CONNECTIX - Business
CONNECTIX.TS - Technical Support
CONNECTIX.CS - Customer Service

General Troubleshooting

If you're having problems with MaxRAM, please check the following:

Please do not trouble Connectix with MaxRAM questions.

Contacting LowTek Creations

Because of my busy school schedule, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list included with MaxRAM and the LowTek World Wide Web site at:

If you still must contact me, use this page.

Please note that I CANNOT guarantee a response, but I do promise to read your message. Thanks for your understanding.

For shareware payments:

U.S. Mail

Spencer Low
LowTek Creations
<I've moved a few times, so this is no longer up to date>


Beta Testers

General Assistance

Technical Assistance

Internet Assistance

Translation Services for MaxRAM 1.0 Japanese Blurb

Show Help Module for MaxRAM 1.0, 1.0.2, 1.0.4, and 1.0.4A


Legal Information

All products and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. LowTek Creations is not liable for any consequences from the use of MaxRAM. LowTek Creations makes no claims whatsoever concerning MaxRAM. LowTek Creations shall no longer release any further updates of MaxRAM. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. LowTek Creations does not guarantee the information in this document to be correct. LowTek Creations is not liable for any consequences from the use of the information in this document.


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