LowTek CopyFaster for Windows 2000
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1.0 Final Release
June 18, 2000


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1.0 Final Release Released June 18, 2000

Taskbar Icon

When CopyFaster is running, a lightning bolt icon is displayed in the taskbar, near the clock. If the lightning bolt is crossed-out, CopyFaster's fast copying is temporarily disabled. If the lightning bolt is not displayed in the taskbar, CopyFaster is not running and CopyFaster's fast copying is disabled. Click the lightning bolt to display a menu that will let you close CopyFaster or open up the configuration window.

Configuration Window

Double-click the taskbar icon, or click the icon and choose Open CopyFaster to display the CopyFaster configuration window, which looks like this:

  • Shareware Information - Click the Go to button to visit our web site and purchase a license to use CopyFaster for $9.99. After paying, you will receive a registration number which you can enter in the blank fields along with your name, then press Register to register CopyFaster.

  • Show this window when CopyFaster starts up - If this is checked, the CopyFaster configuration window will be displayed every time CopyFaster loads. Registered users can turn this option off.

  • Load CopyFaster at startup - If this is checked, CopyFaster will be enabled every time you start using Windows.

  • Enable/Disable Fast Copying - Click this button to temporarily enable or disable CopyFaster's fast copying.

  • Support Web Site - Click this button to learn more about CopyFaster or to contact us via our web site.

  • OK - Click this button to save the changes you have made to this window.

  • Cancel - Click this button to discard any changes you have made to this window. Clicking the Close Box of this window (the 'X' in the upper-right corner) is the same as clicking the Cancel button.

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